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Jonathan Zimmer
Jonathan Zimmer serves as co-owner and general manager of Lisa Dupar Catering (LDC) and Pomegranate Bistro. An instrumental part of the LDC team since 1993, Zimmer previously served as executive chef for the company and in 2003 was named general manager. During his tenure, Zimmer has played a pivotal role in the success of Lisa Dupar Catering, growing the company and expanding its services by focusing and enhancing its core business strategies. Zimmer’s multi-dimensional business approach joined with his savvy and extensive culinary and pastry background has enabled LDC to expand into new lines of businesses. 

Zimmer, who works alongside wife Dupar, has devoted nearly 30 years to the culinary arts. In 1977, he started his culinary career as a line cook at Rossellini's 410 and the Crepe de Paris. Over time, Zimmer apprenticed with the best chefs in the Pacific Northwest, including renowned Chef Dominique Place.

A graduate of the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in New York, Zimmer elevated his culinary experience through chef and pastry chef positions at a variety of West Coast restaurants including Saleh Al Lago, Bravo Pagliacci and the Bellevue Club.

In addition to the culinary arts, Zimmer also enjoys landscape photography, wine, golf and soccer. An avid supporter of culinary education, he teaches classes on the topics of holiday dinners, dinner parties, wine pairings and pastry events.  Zimmer also serves as member of Vistage International, a networking group for CEO-level business leaders.

Together for more than 11 years, Zimmer and long-time business partner Dupar were married in 2001. The pair lives in Bellevue, Washington, with their two Dachshunds, Mia and Pele.
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