Flaky Pie Crust Recipe

Flaky Pie Crusts

Baking a pie from scratch requires patience, care, and lots of love. Making a gloriously golden, flaky crust often requires 2 times more of the above! We’re sharing Lisa’s pie crust recipe from her cookbook Fried Chicken & Champagne to help set the foundation for many of your favorites – apple, pumpkin, pecan, banana cream… 

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A Prelude to GMO Labeling


A few weeks ago, my dear cousins back on the East Coast emailed me an article discussing the soft-drink industry’s stand against tax hikes on sugary foods, asking for my opinion as a chef. Little did I know I would find myself typing away my thoughts until 1AM! With the campaign to label genetically engineered… 

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Venue Spotlight: Pike Place Market Meetings & Event Spaces

Dining room

Pike Place Market – the historic original beacon of Seattle. The first farmers sold their produce in August of 1907, and 106 years later, an eclectic array of businesses bustle and thrive along the tile and cobblestone streets. There’s no shortage of inspiration to be found among the bakeries and restaurants, flowers, jewelers, and stationers… 

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What Should You Expect from a Caterer Tasting?


It’s time to dial in the food and beverage aspect of your big event! When “shopping” for a caterer, there are a few tips I recommend to make sure you receive all the information you need to execute a successful (and tasty!) event. You need assurance that the caterer you are about to choose is… 

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